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Governor's Drive, Poblacion 1-B, Ternate, Cavite, Philippines

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Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng, 3°


The official logo of Cavite WestPoint College was conceptualized when this institution was established in the year 2000. The book printed within symbolizes the knowledge power that is being imparted to the students. The five stars over the book signify the first five major programs offered: Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA) under CHED and two (2) year Diploma course in Hotel and Restaurant Management under TESDA.

The five stars also signify that this school aims to promote quality education to build and develop more brilliant people for the community and for the entire nation as well as for global competitiveness.

The Old School Logo

The New School Logo



The growing number of high school graduates in the municipalities of Ternate, Maragondon, Naic, Tanza, Gen. Trias, Gen. Aguinaldo, Magallanes, Alfonso, Trece Martires City and the other towns in western Cavite triggered the establishment of a college institution in January 2000. The school as registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the "CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE." The name was chosen since Ternate is in the western part of Cavite province near the boundary of Maragondon.

The college's first two curricular programs approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Financial Management and Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA).

The school was first housed in a two-storey building inside the Ciudad Silangan, a private subdivision. After two years of operation, it was transferred to the new building, constructed in year 2001. This is located along Governor’s Drive, the highway leading to Ternate Poblacion.

The former site of Cavite West Point College

A three-storey building was also constructed for the library, computer laboratory, HRM Function Room, Science laboratory, and the clinic for the school. The top most part of the building is used for conferences and seminars and also for Physical Education activities.

The first to register in the school were students from the municipalities of Naic and Magallanes. A total of three hundred and nineteen (319) students made a reservation but only one hundred and twenty three (123) registered. In the first few weeks until before the end of the semester, almost half of the students dropped out because of financial problem.

In 2002, the enrollment increased by 70.28 per cent. Students from farthest barangays in the towns of Gen. Aguinaldo and Magallanes enrolled that year and the year then after, more students came to study at Cavite West Point College.


Image via Manila Bulletin

The Cavite West Point College is staffed with a dynamic manpower who are highly qualified in the development, management, and operation of the institution and its programs. It has a librarian, laboratory assistant, a registrar, guidance counselor, an accounting officer, and an administrative assistant, all with experience along their fields. For the health and protection of the students, the college hired a physician and a nurse.

The director of the school, Dr. Enjoe Z. Nigoza, who also serves as the Dean of College, has a doctoral degree in education, with teaching experience in elementary, high school, college, and graduate studies. Before heading the school, Dr. Nigoza had been holding key positions both in the government and private sector since 1967.

Others composing the administrative staff are ROMMEL N. MOJICA, Administrative Assistant; LENY D. MARIÑAS, Registrar; LEONILA L. BENGO, Accounting Officer; KARAUPAULA L. DIONES, Guidance Counselor; BERNADETTE L. GUTIEREZ, Librarian; JEFFREY ANCIANO, Laboratory Assistant; and VIOLETA Z. NIGOZA, Treasurer.

For the five curricular programs offered, each department is headed by a coordinator. For Business Administration – LINA M. BALLARAN, a CPA Reviewer and a Law Graduate; for Education – DR. ROMAN M. SALAZAR, former High School Principal; for Public Administration – DR. EVANGELINO Z. NIGOZA, former Sangguniang Bayan Member; for HRM – ROMMEL N. MOJICA, former Guest Services Manager at Puerto Azul; and for Computer Courses – JEFFREY D. ANCIANO, a computer expert.


With the ever increasing number of students each year, CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE needs additional buildings for classrooms and other facilities. This private school, so far, has one of the lowest tuition fees in the entire country (Php 4,994.00 only per semester) but its exceptional standards of education is the reason why more and more choose and entrust to West Point their future.

While many private schools and colleges, especially local counterparts, are continuing to increase their matriculation fees due to unstoppable high inflation, West Point still maintains its previous fees. This is to prove that money or profit is not the primary concern of this institution. In fact, a good number of students have been or is being offered scholarship, partial to full, due to their economic conditions. Many of poor but talented students are taking advantage of this opportunity, especially those from far-flung areas of the region.

Educators with high caliber qualifications, noble character, and proper motives have been hired to help in the formation of students centering on human progress and development that is founded on the culture of excellence and nurturance.

As a result of the holistic and well-disciplined formation, high level profession, technology and skilled manpower are generated. This will in turn supply not only the local needs of the province but also the country and other countries.

Emphasizing on a better classroom management, the school maintains only 20 to 30 students per class.

Students also serve the community under the National Service Training Program (NSTP). Most of their concerns are Feeding, Clean and Green, Environmental Sanitation, Vegetable Gardening, Tree Planting, Drug Prevention, and Family Planning Campaign.


The rapid development of CALABARZON area, particularly, the province of Cavite, indicates that many students prefer to take up computer courses, accounting, management, education and other related courses. Thus, more are absorbed by different companies in the region.

In the municipality of Ternate alone where two famous resorts are located – Caylabne Bay and Puerto Azul – it was found out that at least 27 per cent of the graduates are hired immediately in the area.

Other graduates are also hired by the local resorts, restaurants, and similar establishments in the towns of Naic, Tanza, Kawit and, of course, Tagaytay City.

Hence, CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE offers relevant curricular programs, namely, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management, Accounting Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Economics, and Management; Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Bachelor in Secondary Education, major in English and Mathematics; Bachelor in Elementary Education, major in English and Mathematics; Two-year Computer Courses with major concentration in Computer Hardware Servicing (Technology), Computer Management (Programming), and Computer Secretarial; Two-year Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) with major concentration in Food and Beverage Services, Tour Guiding, Front Office, Room Attending, and Housekeeping.


The participation of the students of CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE in the MARDICAS FESTIVAL in Ternate under the sponsorship of Ternate Historical Society is only a proof that the school and its studentry is very active in community affairs. The students in their colorful Mardicas costume showcase the war dance, carrying with them the image of Santo Niño. Every year, the students are the principal performers of the festival held during the town fiesta celebration of Ternate in January.

Another big annual event being held in the school is the search for MR. and MISS CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE. This is conducted during the school foundation anniversary in February.

The Speech Contest is also conducted every year for the students. The entry piece is taken from the latest State-of-the-Nation Address delivered by the President of the Republic of the Philippines during the opening of the session of Congress on the fourth Monday of July.

Other important programs and activities the school celebrates are the Intramurals in September, Academic Contest, HRM Function, P.E. Culminating Activity at the end of the semester, exhibits of students’ projects, and other traditional and cultural celebrations in the community.


With the establishments of tourism – related industries in many parts of western Cavite aside from the largest resort complex within the area, HRM graduates become more in demand to this industry.

Hence, the CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE endorses more effective methodology to boost the HRM students in their skills training. A restaurant was built named "SABROSU" for their actual practice and service. In the First CALABARZON Gourmet Festival held at Olivarez Complex in Tagaytay City last February 25, 2006, with 28 participating schools throughout the region, WEST POINT HRM participants won a big Third Place in the overall.

In the recently – concluded volleyball tournament conducted by a civic organization in Ternate last summer, CAVITE WEST POINT COLLEGE captured the championship in the women’s division.


The school has several students’ organization that helps in the promotion of the studentry in particular. Among them are the HRM Society, Computer Club, Public Administration Society, Business Administration Society, and the Education Society.

Acquaintance Party 2013

Also included in the list of organizations are the Math Club, English Club, Historical and Cultural Society, Filipino Club, and Science Club.

The Brass Band with 60 members and 21 majorettes is another extra-curricular activity the students engage in. The band has presented a mini-concert during a school celebration. The acoustic Band was also organized and participated in several activities in the school.

Cavite West Point College Brass Band



With one mind and one heart
All the way to GOD
With one vision for better education
So with new fervor, and new methods
We cry out with one voice


We are the West Pointers
We are the West Pointers
The pride and honor of this land
The School being first
For brighter future of our mother land


We are one in the spirit
We are one in love
We will stand united
We are one in GOD


Cavite West Point College Student Handbook

Cavite West Point College Brochure

Manila Bulletin Online
Cavite West Point College
Building and developing brilliant people for a brighter horizon
July 19, 2006, 8:00am

Manila Bulletin (Print)
Cavite West Point College
Building and developing brilliant people for a brighter horizon
Schools, Colleges Universities Bulletin Section
D2 Published last July 18, 2006

Note: Most of the images are credited to Prof. Rommel N. Mojica, Assistant Director of Cavite West Point College, Ternate, Cavite

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